Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The fucked girlfriend

Do not ask me why and wherefore ... I fell to the ground and that's that. Model sack of potatoes so to speak. And now I'm at home with his chin balding and skinned knees as a kid asylum. What a coincidence that I fell today is Thursday and tomorrow is the birthday of George. And since tomorrow is her birthday I anticipated my evening with Mark on Thursday (in separate exchange program was at the home of Arsenio and Camilla) and instead, PIG DOG!, Neither Mark nor I will see our boyfriends. In addition Arsenio and Camilla have organized a huge party at their home on Friday evening (4 couples, 2 singles and 2 single commodity ... the latter, extremely rare), which was just fate that I should not participate. Not only does it coincide with the birthday of George, but also coincides with the first day of my convalescence after the tumble. There I go, but we send Mark, at least it amuses him. But do not think for one moment of my trip to fuck all those little bitches in heat like nothing had happened. He did not even have to go to the hall of brain power going to entertain them as they see fit. First of all just have to cum with Camilla and with no (woe to him if he dares to come up with someone who is not his girlfriend, lover certified, or that I do not know). If the other can fuck all as he believes, but not spread much. Camilla is our girlfriend and then we can do whatever he wants, within the limits that I decide, but the other sluts who do not think just enjoy potersele to his liking. I told Arsenio to control it and to refer all that he does, and god forbid that Saturday morning I come to say that Mark has not complied with the deliveries. On the one hand I'm glad that my husband goes to this orgy, but on the other hand, not deny it, I rode a lot of the not to participate. I want you to go there and enjoy (but not too much, as I noted above), however, is the feeling of being excluded that sends me into a rage: I am a selfish bitch and I'm proud.

Friday night ... I'm at dinner with George. For his birthday I took him to a nice restaurant that we really like. The food is good and the atmosphere is serene and welcoming, but PORK JUDAS!, Never as in this moment my head is somewhere else (... imagine some where). I'm here to have dinner with my life partner, while my husband is home to some of our boyfriends to fuck that bitch (this is the thing that pisses me most of all) do not even know! We get to the sweet (ie more or less at the moment, as I confess the next day, Marco was fucking with such a Maria Cristina Rossa, a single friend of Arsenio ... which says a lot about what kind of degenerate must ever be.) and George is half dazed by 2 glasses of wine, and it is in that moment, when I see it in that state means cheerful and a half dazed, my brain gives birth un'ideaccia. Put it this way: SE from the consequences of what came to my mind I had the certainty that George was not dead or maimed in body, and IF he had never been able to discover what I had done, I swear that, except for this two SE, I would have 1) put the sleeping potion in the wine, 2) I would have loaded on a taxy to take it home, and 3) I would then sprint from Marco home of Arsenio to dive into the party.
"You're a whore with no sense!" That's what she said Mark laughed as soon as the next day, I reported the matter to lunch. He laughed but, knowing me well, know that I was not joking at all. We women know to be more determined and strong-willed than any man, and if we have one thing in mind, believe me, not even climb your bare hands dolomites represent a problem. The idea of ​​"putting a momentary rest" George (and, moreover, the night of his birthday) I was really committed to keeping the mind for the duration of the dessert and coffee. Then I let it go because, in addition to having no substance behind (usually when I go out to dinner with my partner on the day of his birthday I do not dote of various sleeping pills or sedatives) and not having the slightest idea of ​​what might be the right doses to keep him quiet until morning, there was a real risk that did hurt, and it just was not my intention in any way. I'm a big self-centered bitch huge ego, but I've still a heart and a bit of common sense. But it was a situation that had to be resolved, at least for the future. There's no way I am "here" when I would rather be "there", so it is absolutely necessary to provide, whatever the cost. Should I find a lover that Giorgio squeeze it to the core so as to be able to have more freedom to do and undo with my man. I would have no problem, as my costume, that his lover was my friend, regularly frequent our house and he stopped to sleep well the night with him ... but valla to find a girl who, in addition to pleasure both ( that the lover of my men should first of all like it too I do not think it is even the case to be discussed), has an open mind to willingly accept a menage of this type. But on this we shall return. You still should convince George with Mark "no going back", and that therefore it must necessarily do fit the fact that our meetings move from "an evening a week" at least "one night a week" ... and from there to rise. But I would not be a tax thing, I wish it were a thing willingly accepted because, in the end, if I get around great with my man, the relationship with my partner cohabitant can only reap positive benefit. Mark always says that the ideal thing between us would be that of the "three nights", or an evening all to ourselves (on Wednesday), a "boys night" (Thursday, dedicated solely to me mate, at private parties or in private clubs , with the largest number of people possible, even 20 or 30 in one night, but even more so if we find them), and "the evening by our boyfriends" (Friday, dedicated to Arsenio and Camilla at the parties and at home them). The other would spend the nights each with our respective partners. Would really like to have it both ways, and I will do everything because so be it. I do not want to settle when it comes to men and relationships. I want EVERYTHING, and not a single crumb less. I want to Marco Giorgio and I want you all for me, and since Marco it is fine, I have to work on George, at the cost of putting their backs to the wall. I and my men have the casino players, that small dot and let them win at roulette, but in the end I have to take everything myself.
But let us return now to the party on Friday and the feats of Mark. Let's say that, despite having followed all the deliveries received, that great horned still managed to piss me off too. Between us there is a golden rule, Marco wanted and I accepted with enthusiasm, around which our world revolves around the release of disobedience to every principle of social life and customs. I do, but just only me, I can attend / fuck / spend nights with whoever I want. I can handle me and my lovers toys without him, detailed information reporting on what I combine apart, can just say "well". Mark this rule has been intransigent, to me it is an absolute freedom without which he can never ever tell her. The exact opposite is true for him, in fact unconditionally requires that every lover / girlfriend / girlfriend is absolutely subject to my scrutiny. And if the answer is "NO", NO remains, without the need / can discuss or even just come back. In Roman law similar conditions would have resulted in the so-called "pact lion", or an agreement by which one party would not have had any kind and type of benefit, which rendered the contract void. It should understand why he has decided to establish this covenant between us ... but to me that's fine, because I like to decide (without having to explain the reasons) who he can attend and who is not, and who can do what. My son is one of my absolute private property and the rules of its management rightfully belong only to me. Mark is so excited about these rules that the more time passes the more it tends to inasprirle, more and more to my advantage, exponentially increasing my power over him (... thing is never a man when he is total prey to his passions !). SE can always ask me to review a former returning to the office, if he can take her to dinner or not, if you can meet with a girl known on the Internet, what it can do or not to do when you're there, etc. .. . And I grant him more freedom or less depending on how I feel, providing, as per his wish, specifications deliveries on what will be his behavior which must scrupulously follow. Ok, you can review Cristina but not at dinner, just a coffee after dinner, You can go out with Raffaella and you can kiss her but nothing else. With Francesca woe betide you if you dare to even meet without me. Julia scopaci look at it and how much and how you want. Giorgia take her to dinner but do not you dare touch it even with a finger. And ... so it goes. I also need to be very precise and meticulous in delivery given that unfortunate because (just as happened Friday at the party which went alone, and which will shortly tell you) is very skilled in his favor to interpret the rules to be followed, sometimes contravention of the facts to my policies albeit formally attenendovisi. The rules for the celebration were: 1) broom also with all those who are, but except with the prettiest; 2) Camilla should have more attention and respect to all the others (as our official girlfriend); 3) must come only with Camilla and with no other.
The delivery 2 and 3 have been complied with, the first do not, and that is where I'm pissed off. The prettiest of the evening (Camilla apart of course), as referred to me, it was a professorina of high school, which he enjoyed for quite some time. Oh yeah, for the charity, it is true that they have fucked, but everything else they have done, and what that sent me into a rage, was the fact that she was red in the evening and as a result could not have been fucked anyway . To understand each other, that rascal permanently horned, while taking literally my delivery (you do not have to fuck the cutest), it has eluded the meaning because, logically, if a woman is in red is not in the category of "chicks scopabili, "for which he would have to refrain from sweeping the prettiest among the" proficient at the game, "Professor excluded. And if this is heard properly! But there's more, and here, I admit, it was my fault. Starting from the principle that everything that is not expressly prohibited is permitted to be considered, it is extremely out of place took liberties with a single friend / lover of Arsenio (... which says a lot), "Maria Cristina the red." it happens .. elementary school teacher. This slutty bisexual, according to what I was told, not only was reckless him right now, but he's gone anchesì licking cunts and asses of all the other chicks present. This bothered me, because I will not tolerate this type of sharing my man with other women realize. Sharing is one thing our for me sacred, and should only take place between us. For this freedom if they have heard so many, and I am sure that you do not ever dare to nestle in similar situations. And that the screanzata has also asked for his phone number, that my cuckold obviously gave her. In short, it is Maria Cristina begins badly: I can not wait to meet you in person to make me a clear idea of ​​the character. I will consider whether to send him again to parties alone, except in the face of a tight deliveries, and maybe I ask him one so cruel that it might be worse than not letting it go (in the series, ok go ahead, but you have to leave at midnight). What a laugh knowing it with his cock in her pussy totally collapsed a few puttanaella, intent on stantuffarla as I could until the last shots of 23:59. Think it can not be so sadistic? Well, I do not know at all. I want my man aims and purposes so well, that's why I look for the best females, the most beautiful and hot, just as he never lets me miss anything in terms of males. But everything has to be done strictly on my terms. And that is because between the two of us the freedom is so absolute that it's nice to put stakes in the right and left, up and down, wherever possible. Mark is truly a fool to do so, but I will I satisfy him completely because he wants to be his woman to do and undo selezionandogli to fuck the girls, telling them to meet and which are not. In short, I want queen bee of the games, and I, for my part, I can not imagine a condition more congenial to me.
Pretends to be me one thing: a number of horns that borders on human understanding. Let's face it, Mark is not the usual cuckold (a man who agrees that his woman has a lover, as George just to give an example, or a man trying to love his woman that even if the brush in front of him, as Arsenio), for him to be and know horned is a condition before all mental, a kind of nirvana, ataraxia cosmic without which the woman loses its strength and meaning. With him talk about love and horns almost loses meaning if these terms are related to their common sense semantics. For him, the horns are an integral part of his being, is a prosthesis of his body and his brain without which simply would not be, or it would still be something very different. We lived together, would keep a diary of meetings with my lovers, who would like my men freely frequentassero house, slept the night with me, and other refinements that would horrify any man, even the least jealous. Even Arsenio is on the same wavelength, because he told me more than once how he came back from the night shift and had found Camilla in bed with her lover, and then they did breakfast all three together. Life in the Family is so. Free and peaceful, rewarding and enriching. Sure that I know this, you have to just be cut ... otherwise it is a pure tragedy.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

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